Residential & Commercial Asphalt Services

Custom Paving has been providing quality Asphalt Paving services for over thirty years. We offer a Full Range of asphalt paving and protection services for both commercial, residential and industrial paving projects. Custom Paving specializes in high-quality industrial-strength asphalt application. Our clientele includes agricultural farm businesses, commercial contractors, and residential home owners. We are fully licensed and insured with experienced and trained professionals. Custom Paving provides seal coating, asphalt paving, laser grading, resurfacing, patch-work repair, removal, asphalt-milling and tar & chip paving. Free estimates for all are available.   

Asphalt Chipcoating

Asphalt paving is our specialty, we also provide Tar and Chip pavement. Also known as Chip-Coating, this is a great and effective access road and private drive solution for farms and rural landowners.

After surface grading is performed to the proper specifications asphalt cement (or tar) is applied to the road or driveway. Even distribution and the right consistency at the correct temperature is applied in preparation for the gravel. Once the gravel is placed that it is pressed with a large heavy roller that compacts the gravel into the asphalt cement.

Private Drive

We specialize in Asphalt paving as well as Tar and Chip paving. Both are great solutions for private driveways and access roads for your property.

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Resurfacing Repair

Custom Paving offers service and repair for commercial and residential projects. We will help you evaluate and repair your existing paved surface.

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Seal Coating

Custom Paving provides professionally applied seal coating. We use the highest quality asphalt emulsion as a sealing agent to protect your pavement.

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