Agricultural Paving

Custom Paving offers service and repair for commercial and residential pavement projects. Custom Paving has a wide range of services to help you evaluate and repair your existing paved surface. For commercial or large asphalt removing projects, we can apply Asphalt Milling (Cold Planing). This is a process by which large machines grind up asphalt and collect it into a dump truck or semi-trailer. Some roadways and drives may have become too even or broken to simply resurface. Older excessively worn retail parking lots may also need milling to smooth out and level the surface slick and be repaved and Seal Coated once again. 

  • Asphalt Patching 
  • Parking Lot Repair 
  • Milling and Resurfacing
  • Asphalt Removal

Custom Paving & Chip Seal patching process can be as large or a small as is required. Sections of the existing surface can be cut away neatly, filled in and then repaved with fresh asphalt. Our specialized training and experience provide smooth and even patches level to your pavement surface. Custom Paving provides free estimates to our clients. Will help you choose the best and most affordable solution for your pavement project.

Custom Paving | Asphalt Chip-Coating Sealing
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